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Even at the coarsest setting, 9, on a Ditting KR804 with both Sweet burrs and 804 machined burrs, I cannot get a "sour" coffee. In fact, near the coarsest setting will often be better coffee or different but in good ways.

My grinder is calibrated fairly fine, ~50 microns off touch at 1. A phone ap has shown my peak is about 50 microns over my setting - for example, at a 6 setting, the ap shows the grind around 650 microns for peak. So at a 9, I assume my peak grind is around 950 microns.

I might calibrate coarser since I only do pour-over and I do not use below 5 much if at all. In that effort, I am wondering how coarse one has to go to get sour/under extracted coffee?

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You can reduce the brew temperature, of course, if you are trying to make it more sour.
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I have - it is usually still good, and better if the previous coffee was harsh. I guess I will calibrate to 200 microns more. so then in 1100 range to coarsest setting.

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That sounds like a reasonable setting for pour-over.

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On my 804, most coffees tasted good right around 7. I would never be going coarser than 7.5 or finer than 6.5. Depending on the grinder and burr set, you can easily brew coffee that is less extracted but still good tasting / not sour. Especially when you get into higher end grinders, you can push extraction either way and still have good or at least ok tasting brews. That's just my experience.

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What is your calibration. Mine is a bar, 1/2 whole number setting, ~50 microns.

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Today, I left fines in at an 8.5 grind, and used new Hario tabbed filters. It drained slower than similar brew yesterday but yesterday I took out 7.9% in fines with a Fellow Shimmy and today I used tabbed Hario filters. Today was one of the most creamy sweet, with no signs of harshness and little to no acidity compared to coffees I normally brew, coffees I have had. So almost as coarse as my grinder will do and creamy sweet coffee. Sour not possible perhaps.


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Just for clarification, are you wanting to get more sour flavors in your brews??

My grind adjustment scale is the same as yours, except I put a piece of tape around the whole dial and added three additional tick marks in between each original tick. It makes for an odd scale, but it works for me. even more resolution would be nice honestly.

Theres a thread from awhile back where someone shared a printable grind adjustment scale (whatever you want to call it) that you can tape over the existing dial. I believe it added an additional 9 ticks in between each tick on the standard dial. Turns out to be a pretty nice solution if you tape the whole way around it.

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Taz wrote:Just for clarification, are you wanting to get more sour flavors in your brews??
No trying to decide whether to recalibrate mine for coarser settings. Mine is calibrated for 50 microns from touch at setting 1. I was wondering what yours is, so I can compare the settings you stated you use to settings that I am using. For example if you are 150 microns off touch at 1, then your 6 would be my 7, etc.


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Ohh, I see. That makes more sense. Mine is calibrated so that burrs touch just beyond the finest setting so that if I put a little pressure on the dial at the finest point, I can hear the burrs chirp