For flat-bottom brewers, which filter type do you prefer?

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For flat bottom brewers which FILTERS TYPES DO >YOU< PREFER & WHY ?

( A) Kalita wave type
( B) Cafec Trapezoid
( C) Sibarist Flat, fast or other
( D) Orea Flats
( E) Other

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A Kalita - Easily available and decent price.

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I've only used 'a' and 'd.' I prefer Orea flats because Kalitas are more likely to clog toward the end. In the cup the taste is pretty similar and Kalitas are cheaper. So bottom line: not that big of a difference, if you are buying for me, Orea, if I'm buying--I'm sick of shipping--Kalita--of those two.

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I'll check them out again. Kalita is on Amazon and free shipping. Those orea flats $$$ from UK

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Sibarist papers are game changers if you have a great grinder and high quality coffee.