Flow restrictor for Hario v60 kettle (buono)

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I recently purchased a Hario v60 drip kettle aka Buono 1.2lt to take camping(To be fair, it'll probably replace my pouring jug at home too.) with 2x v60-02 (plastic). One of these https://global.hario.com/product/coffee/kettle/VKB.html

I did a test pour and noticed that, like many reports, it flows quite a bit!

Here's where it gets tricky, I'm in Australia so these $1-2 items suddenly get expensive due to shipping costs - so I want to be sure they'll fit.
Does anyone know which of the below will fit a Hario Buono (stove top, 1.2lt model)?

When looking around for flow restrictors I came across the below:

Metallic filters jammed in
- Old threads on home-barista using metallic filters

Bonavita singles
- These "titled" as Hario but "Labelled" as Bonavita from George Howell Coffee https://store.georgehowellcoffee.com/ac ... ictor.html [won't ship to AU without an enquiry due to webstore design, would have to use Shipito]
- Presumably the same thing from WLL "Bonavita" https://www.wholelattelove.com/products ... restrictor [won't ship to AU, would have to use Shipito]

Bonavita 5 set
- An article talking about flow restrictors which is interesting reading https://coffeeadastra.com/2020/01/02/th ... ttle-flow/
- Which led me to this Instagram page:
- I also found them from another seller: https://shopee.co.id/Bonavita-Flow-Rest ... 5462178205
- Either way, I'm up for $AU35 shipping, the first (instagram seller) ships direct and assures me they'll fit. The second option requires a freight forwarder.

- There are also Brewista restrictors, I have NFI if they'd fit
- "Brewista" https://coffeehit.co.uk/products/brewis ... restrictor
- "Brewista"BKV12S02FR https://www.amazon.com.au/Brewista-Kett ... B075J1Y2Q9

So far, I think the "safest" option is the 5 set via the seller I found via the article/instagram.
It just so happens to be the most expensive due to the shipping cost - 50% of the cost of the kettle for a 5set of flow restrictors, simply due to geography!
  • Has anyone come across anything else that works?
  • Anything on AliExpress? (good AU shipping there)
  • Made something from PTFE or silicon?