Filtropa filters: #2 and #4 have the same paper?

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I ordered some #4 Filtropa listed filters from a vendor and they came in a plastic bag without any labeling,

They are quite a bit thinner paper than the #2 that I have.

The vendor claims they are the Filtrpoa brand and they might be, but I just wanted to ask if anyone has both inhouse and if there is a difference?

Seems kinda hinky to me that a maker would bother with 2 thicknesses of papers but maybe they do.

Thanks for any info.




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No idea
I have #4 filtropa in a box for clever dripper

To me, they are junk
Always rip out the bottom
3 out of 4 times

Tried to use 1 to strain shrimp shells out of a shrimp stock last weekend
Ripped out also, seam come open

Maybe i got bad batch....but to me they are junk

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Mbb wrote:always rip out the bottom
3 out of 4 times
Are you using them without a Melitta-type filter cone? If so, of course the seam will break.