Filtered Immersion Appreciation Thread

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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For years V60 and Technivorm have been my go-to brewers for filter coffee, and my Clever and Bonavita immersion drippers rarely saw the light of day.

Well I recently acquired a Hario Switch and have been playing around with various recipes, and much to my surprise the full immersion cups have been outstanding - far better than I ever remember with past Clever/Bonavita brews. While I do enjoy the clarity of a well-made V60, I've been really impressed with the balance and body of immersion. Not to mention, it's consistency and simplicity are unmatched.

I think part of the reason I never gave this brewing method much of a chance was because I considered it to be "training wheels" for pour over brewing. Though it's certainly well-suited for beginners, I now believe it's equally applicable for those of us seasoned veterans who just want a great cup without all the fuss.

I'm sure I'll eventually add my V60 back in the mix, but right now I'm really enjoying filtered immersion and wanted to show some appreciation for what I would consider to be an underrated brew method.


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I've been curious to try this method myself. Regarding the Hario Switch, how much of the coffee or hot water ends up touching either silicone or plastic during brewing? My understanding is the body is glass, but the valve is silicone or is that not true? Also, regarding the larger 03 size for the Switch, what is the largest cup you can brew at once? How many grams of coffee and water are the maximum? It seems like an interesting brewer, as does the December Dripper, the Bonavita immersion one and the glass Clever Dripper.

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The actual brewer is just a regular glass V60. There is a small amount of silicone, as well as the end of the plastic switch, that can contact the coffee on its way out, but I wouldn't consider it a significant amount.

Overall it seems well built and should hopefully last, my only concern being the switch itself. Considering it's the defining feature of the device, it would've been nice if Hario made it a bit more sturdy instead of plastic. Incidentally, the Bonavita had a similar issue where the flow control switch was also made of cheap plastic that was susceptible to breaking.

Re: volume, my immersion brews have been 430/27g. You could probably fit a bit more, but I probably wouldn't push it much past 450 ml.

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Immersion seems flat to me compared to a PO. My wife likes it.

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That's what I was expecting based on prior Clever/Bonavita brews, but I've had some great cups so far with the Switch. I don't get the clarity/acidity of V60, but being able to get an even extraction so easily without worrying about channeling, pouring technique, and constant grind changes has been a nice change of pace.

One thing I have done differently with the Switch is to add water first, then coffee. I suspect if I'd done that with the previous brewers my results would have been better.


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tv79 wrote:For years V60 and Technivorm have been my go-to brewers for filter coffee....While I do enjoy the clarity of a well-made V60, I've been really impressed with the balance and body of immersion. Not to mention, it's consistency and simplicity are unmatched.
tv79: Thanks for the thoughtful post. I also use a V60 and Technivorm as my brew choices and have been interested in the switch. What kind of coffee do you drink? Light / med / dark roast? Hoping the Switch would shine for light roast. I get it, it'll be different than the V60 but so is the Technivorm and I enjoy both currently. Some of the combination Hario Switch percolation / immersion techniques looked interesting (sprometheus video) for example but I'm OK with keeping it simple also (immersion only). Thanks again for sharing what is working for you.

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So far I've only been brewing medium roast coffees, but I'd think light roast would work fine if you preheat and use off-boil water.

I haven't tried Sprometheus' recipe yet, but I have closed the valve during the bloom pour then opened for remaining pours. Results were good, but I haven't compared it to standard V60. Seems reasonable to me though that using immersion for the bloom pour might produce a more even extraction of it's more efficient wetting all the grounds.

Like you mentioned, lots of different ways to use it. I'm still enjoying full immersion for the ease and consistency, but even if/when I go back to percolation (or hybrid), I can definitely see it being useful for those tough-to-dial-in coffees. There have been plenty of instances where I've wasted half (or more) of a bag until I finally got the right grind/pour. In those cases immersion would have been a great solution.


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I bought a switch a couple months back and from time to time I like to try a coffee on it to see how it compares. I do always find myself using the v60 more. It just seems to produce a more interesting flavor with better clarity I suppose. Maybe for my untrained pallet this helps me differentiate flavours. The switch tends to soften and blend everything together a bit more. Both are good cups but the v60 has a bit more kick to it and that's why I'm drawn there. Not sure if it that's good or bad.


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Clever dripper can produce well extracted cups with heaps of clarity. I just treat it like a cupping but with Hoffs water first technique.

Med fine grind, 1:17, water in first straight off boil, steep 4 mins, break crust and drain instantly. Draw down is 20 to 30 sec.

Fool proof and extremely consistent.


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I'm a big fan of the Jonathan Gagne 10min aeropress with a prismo. Yeah it takes time and a bit of fuss but the result is more like a pour over than what I experienced with the clever. I've recommended to others who were skeptical and they were very suprised by the results when they tried it