Filter coffee with SSP Lab Sweet burrs

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

#1: Post by HazyOmega »

I need help understanding how to brew better filter coffee using SSP LS with Lagom P64.
Last week, for fun I took out my Clever dripper and Commandante C40 and made a delicious Ethiopian coffee with strawberry and lavender flavors. It was so good I decided to brew a second cup using my P64 with SSP LS. It was really a different cup flavor. The strawberry and lavender were gone. Commandante setting at 24 click, P64 at 60 from touching. So I thought
it could be underextraction so I matched the grind size (50 from touching) and still nothing amazing.
I'm lost, how can the same coffee with the same recipe and same water (Rao recipe) give such difference that I can't say it's the same coffee. The drawdown time was a bit longer with the SSP LS at 60 from touching and quite longer at 50. Longer contact time should result with more flavor extracted but no, only a tea like coffee without any flavor poping.
I'm now out of that coffee so I can't experiment anymore.

Any suggestions on how to better use the P64 with SSP LS for filter? What's the recommended settings for filter?
Can the HU makes more Commandante like filter?


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Don't rule out the possibility you are getting higher extraction with the SSP LS burrs. Slightly over extracted coffee may lose the nice fruit flavors. It may be worth a try to go coarser rather than finer to see if you can bring out the flavor you are looking for.


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I have SSP 64cm LS casting burr in DF64 (with 3kg+ beans seasoning) and a commandante 40 non-red clix.

I usually do pour-over by c40 at around 24-26click using v60, 18-20click for aeropress, all with good tasting, but still hard to find a good grind size in DF64 LS casting for espresso and pour-over.

I make espresso by DF64 LS casting dial between 16-17 using a house-blend medium to dark roasted bean for now, but seems still under-extracted. If I use dial 16, it kinda choked the flair pro 2 I used at standard, which forces me to use aeropress paper filter underneath the puck, but this also tasted better.

I sometimes do pour over with the use of DF64 LS casting dial 65 to 70 and ethiopean geisha light roasted beans, but the taste is not as delightful as what I do with c40 and v60/aeropress.
I *think* this burr do better on espresso than pour-over, but I am new in coffee brewing so I can't really make some good advice to you.


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if i recall correctly 1z K vs DF64 LS,
after adjusting brews to be similar 1z K has more pronounced taste sharpness, LS is a bit muted but also has thicker juicier mouthfeels. i only adjust by taste. i seem to think 1z K has nicer aroma in the cups, and LS during grinding.

i do find i hit bitterness very very fast with LS, so i brew lower ratio to compensate. on v60 i usually do 1:15 with 1z k, but i do 1:13 or less with LS.
its easier to compare with espresso, a 1:2 1z k has more sticky residue on the cup vs a 1:1.5 ratio LS. i think ssp flats have generally less body/thickness, but at same time after dialling can have much more intense flavor. the thick stuff is conicals and italmills, even 1:3 espresso is still very gooey compared to ssp 1:1.5. brews follows same pattern.
i no longer use LS, but i still use my 1z K regularly.