Espro Acquired by Regal Ware

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There goes the innovation. Espro gobbled up by Wisconsin based kitchen concern Regal Ware. ... egal-ware/
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One positive from the sale: Last year I made a warranty claim to RegalWare on an Espro product. The process with RegalWare was much less of a hassle and much quicker than the two times that I have made warranty claims with Espro.
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Randy G.

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If the dates I put on my reviews are accurate, I reviewed the Espro Torroid pitcher in 2009, the Espro Press in 2010, and the Calibrated Espro Tamper in 2011. One of them, I think the pitcher, was linked on their website with their comment: "Our first official review." I got to meet and talk with Bruce and the rest of the gang from Espro at a few SCAA exhibitions [my first was in 2002, 20 years ago!]. It was always one of the highlights for me to do so. How far we have all come since then.
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Espro doesn't seem to get as much traction here on HB as it deserves. I remember this acquisition being mentioned last year when it happened and it didn't garner much discussion here. I remember the date, because it happened on my birthday, which just happens to coincide with National Coffee Day.

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Boldjava wrote:There goes the innovation. Espro gobbled up by Wisconsin based kitchen concern Regal Ware. ... egal-ware/
as quoted in the article:
Constantine said in an announcement sent by Regal Ware. "For me, I'm an innovator. I'm ready to take some time off and break some new glass."
perhaps Constantine felt the company has plateaued somewhat or a different direction than Regal Ware (since they have been the principal shareholder since 2018). I suspect this came with some cash that he can use to "break some new glass" without selling away the company so it can operate. Regal Ware should have kept him on payroll so he can break glass on their dime.

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These two were always a pleasure to talk to at Expo. Hopefully they won't be strangers to the larger coffee community in the future.
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