Dumb question - making regular coffee with espresso machine

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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I thought I found a thread at one point that talked about making "regular" coffee with an espresso machine, but can't find it now.

I thought that what it said was to pull a shot using espresso quantities of coffee and water (14 grams and about 2.5 - 3 ounces), then just add hot water after the shot is pulled.

Does this make sense? Is this the way it's done? The ratios don't seem to make sense, because when I make drip coffee, I use 25 grams for about 20 oz of water.

While it certainly isn't espresso, it still makes very strong "regular" coffee.

Any thoughts on this, or anyone know the thread I'm talking about?


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You probably are thinking of How to make cafe cremas.
Dan Kehn

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Maybe you are thinking about the cafe americano. I make several of these a day, and prefer them to drip.

Take a 2 oz double espresso, add 4 oz hot/boiling water, end up with a 6 oz beverage that rivals most cups of drip. Be very careful about the espresso to water ratio. If you add hot water to fill a mug, you've probably added 10oz to a 2oz double espresso, making 12 oz of very diluted coffee. Keep it to 6oz total, and you'll enjoy it. If it helps, make the drink into a cappuccino cup, that way it is easier to keep the proportions correct.


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HB wrote:You probably are thinking of How to make cafe cremas.
That's the one. Thanks!


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It has taken some time but I finally have my husband drinking coffee from my Silvia machine. I fix his coffee fairly close to how Jeremy describes his drinks.

I pull double shots and use one ounce for my drink and the second ounce for my husband's drink. I add about four ounces of hot water, steamed milk - not frothed, and he adds his artificial sweetener. So far, it is working well. He doesn't like straight espresso, lattes, or cappas. He wants plain drip coffee. It's nice now that he is drinking what I make because it keeps him from griping and sniping about the cost of my coffee habit. Now the machine pulls double duty. It makes my espresso-based drinks and his americanos.

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