Ditting 804 Sweet and pour-over, V60

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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I have had a Ditting KR804 with the cast sweet burrs for a few months. I am grinding finer and finer with it.

What settings do people use with it for ~25 gram V60 brews? I usually start at 5 with a new coffee and use a Hario Switch with 03 dripper to make a Clever-like brew and afterwards, adjust from there in normal V60 brews. With almost all coffees, I go finer. No coffees have gotten bitter. Usually the point I quit going finer is when the brews start to stall at the end, when coffee outflow goes to drip from stream when there is still water above grounds, or when I find the previous coarser setting was noticeably better. The stall point is normally around 4 to 4.25. Grind looks like powder and I assume is on the coarse side of an espresso grind. Even a 5 is pretty powdery looking. Around a 6 is when i start not looking like powder.

What settings do others use?

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Reading this post makes me thing my PO grind is on the far side of course. I use a Kalita 185. 25/375 and draw down is 3 minutes.