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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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I have an ever growing collection of drippers, grinders, kettles and filters. It's rare that I think one item is identical to the other. There's a lot of those I could do without for sure, but even say a plastic V60 and a ceramic will not brew exactly the same. I have been amazed how big an impact even different paper filters can have, yes :shock: I would perhaps place water temperature (within a reasonable span) below that..

An experiment for you to try - make a pour over with the spout right next to the bed of grounds. A second one with the spout at the maximum height before splashing occurs and a third right above the splash point. That's low agitation vs. high laminar agitation vs. high turbulent agitation. It does not brew or taste the same, to me at least.


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I haven't tried any side by sides with Kalita. With the v60 I have.

Grinder, typically the lido E or mazzer major with 151G- filter low fines burr.

I have come to like the BBD often times *( there are exceptions ) more than my v60 brews.

I love the v60, and I use it often.
But there's something about the BBD that reminds me of some of the best batch brew I've had at a cafe.
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