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Matt Perger must always brews at sea level. For the rest of us, the temperature of boiling water is altitude dependent.

While I haven't been paying careful attention to this thread, I can add this anecdote: The Hario filters that I bought most recently on Amazon have a noticeably slower drawdown time. At first I thought it was just the coffee, but now that some time has passed I'd say that my drawdown times are slow regardless of the coffee origin or roaster. The good news is that I'm only using these filters to polish immersion-brewed coffee, so I don't have to wait for the drawdown. (Pulling the cone early will not change the brew ratio, as that is determined by the immersion stage.) It would bug the heck out of me if I was doing pour over brewing and my drawdown times doubled due to a change in the filter.


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Just spotted this thread. I have been using the v60 - 2 filters with the tab and embossed V60 for a while now as I bought 2 X 100 packs. These are made in Holland. All my grind settings to achieve a brew time of 2m 45secs have been done with these filters.

As these are now running out I bought some more from Amazon I believe. However these are made in Japan, no tab and no V60 embossed on them. I think these are the 'original' std filter. The Japan filter is significantly faster than the Holland one. With the same grind and coffee and same pouring technique I had timings of 3m 8secs for the Holland vs 2m 23secs for the original Japanese. How their QC can say they are effectively the same is beyond me.

I use a Hausgrind grinder for pourover and to achieve 2m 45s I need to turn the dial 1 revolution and 7 o'clock with the Holland filter. With the Japan one I turn 1 revolution and 1 o'clock. For reference I turn to 11 o'clock for espresso.

This means I now have to have 2 completely different grind settings depending on what filter I use. How have Hario QC allowed this to happen. Where I work we regularly use 2 different suppliers to supply the same product and you have to make sure that they are within tolerances. This is a farce from Hario!


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Finally registered because this is frustrating.

Previously, I had used the standard white filters, no tab. I could achieve 2:00-2:30 drawdown with about a 18-20 grind on a Virtuoso pretty easily.

Recently bought new filters and my drawdown times increased significantly. I'm on more like a 25 grind and I'm still getting drawdowns of 2:45, all other factors the same. Even the same beans I think. The package of filters I have now are brown, without the tab or embossed text, number VCF-02-100M. I don't actually know if this is a different number than my previous filters, all I know for sure is that the color is different.

I'm very glad, in a way, to see that others are having the same problem. I was scared something was already wrong with my 2 month old $250 grinder.....

Anyone know where I can get the old filters??


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My mother in law sent me some from Japan that seem slightly different somehow from the ones I had from Amazon...hard to say though.
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I'm jumping in late on this thread...... but...... (that's never stopped me before) :roll:

I find that I use Chemex filters in my V60 more often than I use the Hario filters.

The taste is identical to what I get from the Chemex brewers.

Other than the extra paper, the shapes are identical

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