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these are the guys that brought us The Delter Press right? Hoffmann (as seen in that link) doesn't particularly give it a good review not so much about a quality brew but more so that it's going head-to-head with the Aeropress (implicitly by its design and branding) but doesn't quite make it (even though it's a completely different brewer). Reviewing Hoffmann's video I'm actually more intrigued about it than the first time but I agree with Hoffmann in that the Delter Press is trying to answer a problem that doesn't really exist and it has frustrating design elements like not quite compatible with Aeropress filters but almost.

I get this isn't about the Delter Press and this is their new product the "Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker". my concern at first is does this inherent some of the same design choices of the Delter Press? is it answering a viable problem that people actually have? Because the last thing we need is another plastic Kickstarter coffee thing in our cupboards. Watching their promo video it might. I'm not a big cold drip coffee guy so I don't really know how frustrating adjusting a dripper valve is. I would suspect it gets easier as you get used to it however Delter does seem to come up with a clever design to keep the drip flowing at the same rate. One flaw in this is that you can't change the flow rate and you're sort of locked in this apparent goldilocks drip rate of 1 drip a second. If that's a problem you have with current offerings trying to desperately calibrate a valve to 1 drip a second then this is the product for you, but it seems to be a one-trick-pony sort of thing and I'm not really seeing any other playing around. So I would think this product is for someone who doesn't want to mess with a dripper but they want it consistent at this 1 drip a second rate. It's not big enough for a cafe so I guess this is a home product and to me, it seems to be a bit of a niche of a niche. on top of that AU$ 161.195 seems a little steep for what it is (is it even glass? I think the whole thing is plastic)

For me, I'm more interested in something I can control even if it takes a bit of time to calibrate it. I don't have it but something like the puckpuck better answers this problem for me as it delivers a variable drip rate and it utilizes an existing product I already own which keeps the coffee things down to a minimum and keeps the price down too. That's just me, if 1 drip a second is important to you than perhaps this is for you. Out of interest did you back The Delter Press? if so what do you think of it?


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Hi, I do cold drip and I can say that the uneven drip rate Delter descibes is a legitimate problem even with good valves. Yet I am not convinced Delter will produce great cold drip as I don't think the drip rate is the only problem. There can also be an issue with the dispersion of the water dripping as most valves just drip from the center so the center of the coffee puck or grounds receives the most water while the surrounding grounds can remain dry causing uneven or at least incomplete extraction. There is an expensive drip called an Oji that has a six-way valve that solves this dispersion problem-- but I don't think it solves the drip rate one. I wonder if Delter's device is thus only a halfway measure.


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The Gina Smart Brewer has a simple solution to dispersion. The filter has some sort of rod up the middle with a rounded end and the drips hit this end and disperse around it.

if the brew chamber was the same size as the Gina you could just buy the replacement part and use it. The solution seems pretty simple and you might be able to make your own for the delter but that's a lot of commitment for a kickstarter backing

The delter solution is pretty simple too and you might just be able to take 3 plastic coke bottles, cut the bottoms of two off, poke a pin hole in the caps and fill with equal portions of water and each coke bottle sits on top of the other slowly releasing the water similar to the delter option.


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Interesting ideas, thanks. Have you tried the Gina?