Cold Brew Coffee Sucks: Yes or No?

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

Cold Brew Coffee Sucks

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#1: Post by keno »

Thought this article which mentions the views of George Howell and James Hoffman on cold brew might spark a lively discussion. :evil:

Cold Brew Coffee Sucks. Here's Why

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#2: Post by [creative nickname] »

I couldn't agree more. I'll drink cold brew in a pinch when traveling but I'd always prefer a competently hot-brewed coffee that is chilled before drinking.
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#3: Post by miglesi »

George Howell, James Hoffman, and Charles Babinski seem to be taking 3 different approaches to customer service and creating an approachable coffee industry. However, I believe all 3 are basically saying the same thing. We don't wanna drink cold brew. I 100% agree with this.

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#4: Post by RapidCoffee »

"Sucks" may be an overstatement, but I definitely prefer traditional hot brew coffee to cold brew (this includes iced coffee). Cold brew flavors just seem muted.

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#5: Post by another_jim »

It does. On the other hand, the vast majority of green coffee sucks too; and a cold brew of Vietnamese robusta tastes a lot less suckey than instant coffee made from the same beans.
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#6: Post by Peppersass »

"Sucks" is a little too strong for me as well. My take is closer to "cold brew is disappointing".

That opinion is probably colored by having invested in a Yama cold brew tower and feeling that the results didn't justify the expense, time and effort. I've also tried the immersion method, which I feel produces even more disappointing results. I haven't tried many commercial cold brew brands, but the ones I've tried were worse than what I can produce at home, likely due to the quality of the beans.

Further coloring of my opinion probably is due to my having a preference for acidic (bright, but not sour) coffee. I suspect cold brew appeals more to people who really dislike acidic coffee.

I've been meaning to try these, which I suspect will produce much better results when paired with my vac pot or Kalita pour over coffee:

Stainless steel ice cubes

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#7: Post by another_jim »

Inspired by this thread: Iced Third Wave Americanos
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#8: Post by AZRich »

One of best coffee's I've made in the past few years was an ice water, slow drip brewed ethiopian that tasted nothing close to what I could ever get out of it hot. On ice with a splash of 1/2 & 1/2 , it was absolutely sweet ripe peaches and cream. Guess that says something about my affinity for fruity coffee ...

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#9: Post by redbone »

Want to say cold brew is good but I seldom try and never made it since it seemed like a waste of good coffee. Closest I got was espresso over ice cream a.k.a. affogato. :wink:
Have been meaning to try nitro brew the next time I visit local specialty grocery store with multi brew station.

Edit: Took the plunge mind the pun. Decided to make use of unused large SS coffee press and coarse ground 3oz beans to 3.5 cups of cold filtered water. Currently in refrigerator for the next 12 hours. Recent acquisition of Xeoleo grinder with 76mm ghost burrs makes short order of 85g of coffee. Inspired by this thread and current outdoor temp.
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#10: Post by yakster »

Doesn't always suck, but mostly.

Question for the collective: I want to try making nitro cold coffee after trying it at work, should I start with flash brew or cold brew as a base. I'm not sure a bright flash brew would make a good nitro.

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