Coffee tastes bitter in the morning

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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Does anyone find coffee taste bitter / lack of clarity in the morning without foods?

I drink a glass of water first thing in the morning and then coffee in 30mins or so.

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I can't totally answer your question but different foods/drinks can compliment (or oppose) each other. So, coffee can taste differently when eating foods versus alone. I always enjoy coffee more with certain foods.

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Are you the only coffee drinker in the house? I'm asking from the assumption that you grind your beans fresh with each brew. It could that you have some stale bean shards trapped in your grinder, and your first cup of the day being purged into your portafilter.

I have a "taste blind" person staying with me and I feed them the purge before making my coffee. Saves me from dumping coffee and it makes my house mate happy that I include them in the coffee ritual.

Purge your grinder and check, perhaps that's where your taste gets distorted.

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I'm kind of the opposite. I feel my taster works best first thing in the morning. My palate get shot as the day progresses.

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That's me, best in the morning so that's when I'm usually doing any evaluations.

Strongly flavored toothpaste can affect things.

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Yup, same here.
More bitter, less taste notes :?

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It's the total opposite for me. I can only drink my morning espressos and cortados on a total empty stomach not having eaten anything or brushed my teeth. All that come after the coffee. Otherwise I can't discern any flavours or enjoy it.

Only thing I do in the am is chug a litre of water

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Try brushing your teeth/tongue with water when you wake up. I find the gunk that builds up over night can affect the way coffee tastes.

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Might be from brushing your teeth. I asked this some time back regarding brushing my teeth and what to do to lessen the effects so I wouldn't waste the first shot of the day. Gargle with warm slightly salty water was suggested. I tried for a week or so. Now I just power through it. :D

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This is about orange juice, not coffee, but I think the information is topical: ... y-dont-mix