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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Thwack wrote:I'm heading out of town next month and really don't want to take pre-ground coffee for my press pot... looking for a lightweight solution. Could this be the one? Maybe the shape would make it easier to operate than the other one at REI that tweaker has used.

Has anyone tried it? Traveler II Coffee Grinder



I've have one of these and they are terribly slow, unless I'm doing it wrong....


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I've have (sic) one of these and they are terribly slow, unless I'm doing it wrong....
Well, I've ordered one from It should arrive this Friday. Stay tuned ...

Now, about the "Mini Ibis" kettle: Source?
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dr_doppio wrote:Now, about the "Mini Ibis" kettle: Source?
From, (who is a vendor, no experience with them)
The Turkish Coffee Maker, called "cezve", "jezve", "briki", "mbiki", "toorka" or "ibrik", has a wide bottom, a narrow neck, and a long handle. The traditional copper or brass design is preferred, however stainless steel is fast becoming popular. It works best to use a pot to its full capacity, so you may want to own several sizes.
Google up ibrik and/or turkish mills, and you'll find several vendors fast.
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jesawdy wrote:I'm pretty intrigued by the Aeropress. I had to laugh when I saw that, yes, it is fact made by Aerobie, the same folks that make the flying rings!
Alan, the inventor of the ring (Aerobie) also invented the Aeropress. He is a coffee lover and scientist. Unfortunately his scientific POV lead him to describe the coffee made by the Aeropress as being "espresso." The thing makes nearly zero crema by anyone's definition and NO crema by my definition.

With that said, the device is wonderful. It makes a cup of coffee quickly- once the water is on the boil and the coffee is ground and in the press, pour in the water and press for about fifteen or twenty seconds and you have a delicious cup of coffee. Unscrew the filter holder and press a bit further and the puck is ejected.

The coffee is as rich and full-bodied as press coffee but with none of the bitterness and zero sediment! Clean up is so much easier that I don't even take the press pot out of the cabinet any more. The Aeropress has become my standard coffee gift. It is also the way I make coffee in the Motorhome.

I highly recommend the Aeropress- and for $30 or a bit less, IMO it is the best investment in coffee making appliances.
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