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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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10mins works for me (light roast)


rinse your paper and seat it well (i do it with tap water)
I like finer grind (5-5.5 on 804LS Burr)
add coffee and pour in boiling water (100c)
and wait 9 mins then toggle the drawdown

enjoy your coffee :D

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after about 5 minutes you won't get any more from the grounds


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This is incorrect as it is not a modified pour over. The coffee is fully immersed in water for three minutes before it is placed on a cup to drain.

I am using James BaiIey's, from Workshop Coffee, method for the Clever by adding the water first and then coffee. I grind finer to get more flavor out of the coffee.

I have done the test many times but just did another test tonight for demonstration. I brew two Clevers back to back because I only have one Clever brewer. The recipe, coffee and grind is exactly the same for both brews. For the first one, I add the coffee first to the brewer and then pour in the water and allow it to steep. After three minutes, I place the Clever on a cup to drain. The drawdown takes 5:52.
For the second brew, I add the water and and then add the coffee on top. I use a spoon stir the coffee into the water. It is allowed to steep for three minutes before I place it on a cup to drain. The drawdown takes 1:38.
The drawdown time differences will be larger the finer you grind. The first cup is muddier and more bitter than the second cup. If I grind coarser to get the drawdown time shorter in the first method, the cup tastes hollow and weak. Yes, you're going to have to play around with the grind size ( and all of the other parameters) to suit your own taste.