Clarity of flavor notes (Chemex vs V60 vs Origami)

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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I tend to go on clarity more than (body ,mouthfeel, extraction, cleanness, acidity etc)

Which one would give me higher clarity of notes and flavors of the coffee


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They can all be dialed to give you outstanding clarity. The water you use and the recipe you use are far more important than the dripper.

That being said, I like flat bottoms because of the uniformity of thickness of the bed and not having to worry about pouring on top of paper.


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I can't speak to the Origami, but between the Chemex and V60, you'll generally get more clarity out of the V60. The thicker Chemex filters (and coarser grind) tend to round out the flavors and give you a little more body and mouthfeel in my experience.

The type of filter paper you use can affect that too. If you use the "natural" Chemex filters (brown) you'll get more of a papery taste in the cup than the white filters, even if you rinse thoroughly. I would assume the same would be true for brown vs white V60 papers but haven't tested. If you're using the brown ones, try switching to white and see what you notice.

I like a brighter/clearer cup weekday mornings so brew a V60, but afternoons or on weekends I prefer the softer/bigger bodied Chemex.


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Cannot speak to the chemex cuz I've never tried it.

But v60 relative to immersion techniques like French press or clever dripper..... I find to be far more focused on a specific flavor. I find the immersion type techniques much more rounder , but the flavor is more muddied . Kind of like there's a lot of flavors mixed together.... Not as focused as what I get out of v60. I prefer the v60 most of the time because it's quick , it's consistent , clean up is a snap, and I like the taste it gives.

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I concur with Martin. I like the v60 shape. My wife prefers immersion. We use Cafec paper.