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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Fickle? How is a Chemex fickle?
I use a Chemex because I appreciate the history and design. Otherwise, there's no difference IMHO in the coffee from Chemex, Hario, Kalita, or any other pour over style. It's all marketing :) Good beans, fresh grind, and correct water temp by far out weighs the subtle differences between filter papers.

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If someone is having trouble with Chemex, be sure to consider a couple things

- size (a 1 litre is a lot bigger than the half size)
- water temps (bigger size means bigger open top, more cooling)

I haven't used mine in awhile but I seem to remember needing to use hotter water (ie keep it hot during the pour)

Depends of course on roast level. Lighter roasts need hotter water and more rapid cooling may cause problems.
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The Chemex filter is very different than V60 paper, resulting in a very different relationship w/r/t grind size, steep time, and temperature stability. I've had good luck with drinking medium/dark roasts in a Chemex, but light/medium are far more challenging. V60s are more "controllable" since they are inherently smaller (less heat loss), use thinner paper (increasing flow rate), and with a shorter steep time have less temp fluctuation. Admittedly I've never tried the tiny Chemex.


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coffeemmichael wrote: (Just got my first box of the pre-folded circle filters, sure beats cutting down excess paper from the square ones)
While I do prefer the round edged filter papers, I've never had to cut the square ones. Do you use a thin stemmed pouring kettle? That would be a lot easier than cutting filters every day.