Ceramic Kalita Wave vs Blue Bottle Dripper

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Anyone tried both? I have a Stainless Steel 185 and am waiting for my dispersion screen from Flair to arrive to hopefully help with clogging. Have recently learned that the Ceramic Kalita Wave brews much superior to the SS version. Also discovered the SS.

Trying not to go too crazy here. Is it worth it to get both a Ceramic Kalita and a Blue Bottle? Or will the SS now be similar to Ceramic via adding the mesh screen?

Is the Blue Bottle Dripper worth adding to the kit?


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I can't speak on the Blue Bottle Dripper, but I recently purchased a Kalita Wave ceramic and haven't had any issues with clogging in around 20 brews.

Here is some interesting information on drain times between the different wave materials:
Full Article: (https://coffeechronicler.com/kalita-wav ... t-review/ )

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dsc106 (original poster)

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Yeah! Thanks, that is what inspired this post.

I am trying to see how the Kalita 185 modded with mesh compares to the Ceramic 185.

In addition, trying to see how the Blue Bottle Dripper compares to the "best" Kalita 185.