Ceado Hoop Brewer

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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I saw this at SCA Expo. It has been a few weeks so maybe I'm gonna botch this (all disclaimers apply) but I think the salesman said it would taste like Kalita. He thought the big advantage was 'ease of use.' It was designed with anyone being able to get a consistent cup.

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I saw that too, seemed gimmicky, intended for people who don't want to learn. Likely makes a consistently good cup of coffee, only time will tell if it makes an excellent cup of coffee. Different but similar to a number of other add water here and coffee brews itself perfectly designs. Seemed like lots of open area for the water to cool off.


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Does anybody have an opinion on the hoop? Is it worth the cost of admission?

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I have been watching this brewer for a while. I may pick it up if I find it on sale, but at the current price ($40 USD plus shipping and tax), not likely to pull the trigger. It seems in the US, Whole Latte Love is the only retail shop selling this brewer. I am always looking for a simple, easy, single-pour, no-bypass brewer that can produce consistently good cups. Right now, Hario Mugen and Delter Press are working for me as my choice of no-bypass brewer. I thought about the Next Level LVL-10 Brewer too, but that brewer is more for a larger batch. But at $60 and more special-size filters to buy, I don't think I really need it.
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I am curious about this also, since seeing the video. Price point has kept me away so far though as it would only get occasional use for me.


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I do agree, too pricy for me right now, and it will probably just sit in the corner after a short time. It does look like an interesting take on things. I will stick with my Mugen for a while I guess.