Can you blunt the clarity of SSP burrs via immersion brewing?

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This is a bit of an academic question. Let's say you have some very unimodal burrs that produce high clarity, but you're after a more rounded sweeter shot with less sharp clarity and more depth. Rather than switching burrs, can you use immersion brew paired with these ssp high clarity burrs to produce a drink flavor profile more in line with say a kinu or conical?

Why or why not?

If not, then what impact *would* such have?

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Water recipes with higher alkalinity may also impact this.

EDIT: I've also found that adjusting brew temp down helps blunt things but it's not a panacea.

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I've got 64mm SSP burrs and find that you can't exactly blunt the clarity, but long immersion brews bring out more of the chocolatey, darker notes, even in light roast fruit forward coffee. They are still very clear but they have some of those flavors that aren't pure brightness. I tend to do 8-9 minutes in the Switch if I want something like that. Tricolate also tends to make the coffee a bit less bright, but still clear.

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Also, try grinding the beans 1/2 at a time and grind one half finer, maybe that will get you what you want.