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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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Thanks everyone for the replies. I'll also try the medium roast filters when I need to order again. If they're an improvement over the 40-pack original V60-01 filters.

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Auctor wrote:Considering your long history here, I'll say some things that you probably already know, but could still be a factor:

1) different coffees behave differently; have you swapped beans and still get the same, really long draw down times?

2) have you swapped grinders to see if grind distribution gets you a better flow?

3) have you tested different bloom and pour methods? For instance, I've found that a 30 second bloom can greatly improve extraction in some coffees, and in others I just need to pour more quickly or it turns into a muddy, muted mess

My biggest aha has been that the beans are the major difference in flow, followed by blooming method, followed by grinder. Paper in my opinion is a distant fourth.
Over 10 different beans that I've tried, with 3 different grinders, loads of different techniques and they all had really long drawdown times. Original V60 always good and very consistent to within a couple of seconds so it's definitely the filters. I also tried them on the Origami dripper but it was even worse with that one. The only thing thast helped was no stirring or swirling but just pouring and nothing else.


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I can't say the medium are an improvement over the untabbed boxed v60. I happily use either.

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Not our experience. Light paper drawdown is faster than dark.