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Thanks everyone for the replies. I'll also try the medium roast filters when I need to order again. If they're an improvement over the 40-pack original V60-01 filters.

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Auctor wrote:Considering your long history here, I'll say some things that you probably already know, but could still be a factor:

1) different coffees behave differently; have you swapped beans and still get the same, really long draw down times?

2) have you swapped grinders to see if grind distribution gets you a better flow?

3) have you tested different bloom and pour methods? For instance, I've found that a 30 second bloom can greatly improve extraction in some coffees, and in others I just need to pour more quickly or it turns into a muddy, muted mess

My biggest aha has been that the beans are the major difference in flow, followed by blooming method, followed by grinder. Paper in my opinion is a distant fourth.
Over 10 different beans that I've tried, with 3 different grinders, loads of different techniques and they all had really long drawdown times. Original V60 always good and very consistent to within a couple of seconds so it's definitely the filters. I also tried them on the Origami dripper but it was even worse with that one. The only thing thast helped was no stirring or swirling but just pouring and nothing else.

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I can't say the medium are an improvement over the untabbed boxed v60. I happily use either.

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Not our experience. Light paper drawdown is faster than dark.

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Cafec T-92 has changed material and no longer has smooth inner surface. They confirmed the change by email although they have never announced it. Website and packaging still specifies "no crepe" inside which is not the case anymore :x .

I have been happy using T-92 but the new version was more like T-90 dark roast paper. Easily clogged and the cup tastes heavier and more bitter.

I'm going back to Hario untabbed :lol:


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Strange, a crepe on the inside (everything else thr same) is supposed to speed up flow by preventing clogging.

This is what Cafec writes about T-92:
There is no crepe inside paper, so the inside surface area is small. Coffee fine powders attach within this small area, so little water path is left then water is building up inside paper filter. By building up water, plenty of aroma comes out. Further more, thanks to the outside crepe, the coffee liquid came outside flows smoothly.
Because its paper density is high, almost all fine powder is removed perfectly. You can get a clean cup of coffee.
That aligns well with my experience of the "no crepe" filters. Slow brews, strong clean cups.
johan f wrote:like T-90 dark roast paper. Easily clogged and the cup tastes heavier and more bitter.
Do you mean T-83 dark roast? Those certainly lead to heavy cups in my experience.

By the way, there's a new filter now - Abaca+ - that is supposed to be faster than the already fast pure Abaca filters.


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I mentioned earlier that I really like the Cafec Abaca and get consistent and relatively fast drawdowns (45 second bloom and 3 pulse V60 pour gives me around 2:30-3:00 total brew time for most of my medium-light roasted coffees). I now have a pack of the new Cafec Abaca Plus filters on order. They modified the manufacturing method to achieve faster drawdowns with this new version. My understanding is that this is not a replacement and they will offer both versions. I am anxious to see if they actually give the faster drawdown and how it affects the taste profile. More later.


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Has anyone found a way to make the T92 filters useful? The very slow drawdown (even with coarse grinding) makes most recipes irrelevant...


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I have 6 months using that filter without having any problem in drawdown time but I use OE Apex and I don't grind too fine like others, the reason I back to Hario 40 box filter paper, the cafec taste a bit boring for my taste...

Regarding filter clogging my tricks its the chopsticks, don't tap or shake the dripper to make the coffee bed flat, I use chopsticks to swirl the coffee bed and make a crater by experience it's faster the drawdown than tapping the dripper to flat the bed...I use that for a very dense Ethiopian beans.


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Just ignore the recipe and focus a bit less on drawdown time. It can taste good anyway. I wouldn't want to use these filters for every single brew, but it's nice to have a few very different filters in the drawer and this is definitely different. You can use tools like melodrip and lilydrip if you want to wait less 8) or even a metal filter inside the paper filter for a more pronounced effect.