Cafec Dark Roast Filter Question

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I have a Ratio Eight and have been using Cafec filters. The medium roast filter has been fine, but I also bought a pack of dark roast filters. All three times I've ground my dark roast beans for it, the filter has caused the dripper to overflow or almost overflow from clogging if I didn't turn the machine off. Each time I ground coarser hoping it wouldn't happen. Admittedly, I am maxing out these filters which are meant for 1 to 4 cups at the 4 cup or 52 gram level for pour over. But I have had no problem doing the same thing for the Cafec medium roast filters and much finer grinds. So how coarse should the grind really be for the dark roast filters? Anyone tried the dark roast filters with a Ratio have any advice? Thanks.