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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Hi there.

First post, be gentle.

Today I discovered that the old Hario filters have finally been discontinued. There are a lot of recommendations floating around, mainly on Reddit, that includes other filter brands as good replacements for the the old Hario. Besides the Abaca and Sabarist recommended here, I have also seen:


Anyone have experience with these?

My Dripper of choice has become the Tetsu Kasuya V60 model from Hario as well as the original V60 01. And occasionally I return to the original V60 02 dripper, but find more often than not that I prefer the Tetsu.

Thanks, cheers.


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I like Kinto's cotton-paper filters as well - but they're not a drop in replacement. Slower and more prone to clogging, with a different taste profile (I guess oils can more readily pass through the filters). No need to rinse, which is nice.


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Thanks for that.

I tend to like a coarse grind and a lighter roast when it comes to pour over, so maybe the Kinto isn't for me.