By-pass pour-over brewing: clean, high clarity coffee

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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I tried it previously, but I only did small amounts of by-pass, like an substituting 3:1 water to coffee from brew to by-passing. Those small by-pass brews (less than 20% of the planned water being by-pass) were not notably different from a normal brew, all else equal.

For the last week, I have been doing larger by-pass brews (almost 40% of the planned water being by-pass) , and I have found them to make brighter, higher clarity and more complex coffee, and for the biggest surprise, more pronounced aroma. The coffees have many more berries and fruit notes that are easier to pick out. Also, the aroma fills the room and is more noticeable - I usually get little aroma from my normal brewing.

What I have liked best has been an 11:1 brew and then adding an additional 7:1 has made the more bright and higher clarity coffee so far. Anything with more brewing, and less by-pass, starts getting a more uniform taste in comparison to the larger bypass, and with brews with even less bypass, the coffee really does not taste much different than a normal brew with no bypass added.

Also, it does not really lose any body, but I do higher water to coffee brews anyway, and they are weaker in body than lower water brews.

It does lack the sweetness of normal brews and that is the trade-off: higher clarity, more tart and juicy pronounced fruit notes (bright coffee) vs. more uniform taste with more sweetness (more traditional coffee)


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Always interesting realising you've been locked into a way of doing things.

My usual is 20g / 320 - 340, tbt 3- 3:30.
Prodigal Gatomboya PB has been tasting a bit flat and sweet brown even dropping down to 20 / 300.

Made the grind a bit finer, water just off boil, 20 / 220, tbt 3:00. Add 140g water give it a good swirl and this is probably the best aroma ive had from this coffee, stone fruit orchard.. taste was much brighter, juicy mouth watering acidity and still reasonably balanced i guess because this coffee has presented too sweet. No astringency, no bitterness very quaffable and heading into hotter weather this reminds what ive done in the past for iced coffee!


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This has been my preferred method for brewing aeropress. I essentially use Hofmann's recipe but with a 10:1 ratio. Then I add hot water after to my preferred taste.