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DamianWarS wrote:of course, you will want to make sure it's clean to ensure there is nothing obstructing one of the nozzles otherwise it probably is favouring the one that is lower. you could rotate the brikka 180 degrees and see if by turning it then it favours the other nozzle. this would point to the surface the brikka is sitting on not being level or you could just tilt it to force it to favour the other nozzle just to see if indeed the other nozzle can have a normal flow and if it still drips something may be wrong with that side either it's obstructed or some sort of manufacturing defect is preventing a normal flow.

Bialetti doesn't want you to unscrew the value so that's your business if you decide to go ahead and do it but inside there is an O ring and a silicone sleeve/cap of some sort. that silicone cap slides out and has a little slit in it where coffee passes through and it could get gummed up with coffee oils or scale or it may be damaged all in a way that may force the coffee over to one side rather than centred. being silicone it's flexible so the slightest thing could warp it so you would want to ensure there is nothing in the column itself that may be warping it when it's sitting inside. the slit itself could also be rotated so that it's not centered in the column which may cause it to favour one side over another so as best as possible you will want to make sure it's clean as well as the position of the slit is centered to allow even flow to both sides and obviously if it's damaged then you should replace it. but none of that should change the flavor of the coffee it will just look betting coming out.
Wow some great insights and ideas here - thanks!!

I'll rotate/reposition the Brikka and see if I can get it to come out the other nozzle. I always place it the same way on the burner so that could be an explanation.

But as you (and Ira in the first reply above) say, the main thing to know is that this issue does not affect the end result.