Brewing v60 directly into a paper cup?

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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I have a personal office studio environment with only a bathroom sink so no place to wash dishes. I have a small basin and kettle to rinse off brew equipment with hot water and toss the cup. I am wondering about a small coffee setup there with only disposable paper cups when I need an afternoon pick me up.

My concern was at what temps the paper cup will break down from high heat? I was going to use a glass hario switch for immersion brews, but it has a pour over mode obviously.

Any reason this won't work well, either due to too much weight on the paper cup, or the cup breaking down from high heat, or leeching chemicals above 190 or something to that extent?

Are there any higher quality disposable cups than paper? I don't want any plastic.

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There were and may still be "hot" and "cold" disposable cups. Years ago, the cold cups weren't suitable for hot beverages as they used something like wax to make them water resistant. These days I think you have to look out for the "compostable" cups that may spontaneously self-compost if filled with a hot beverage.

I use a small ceramic mug that I can rinse out in a sink and wash there with soap and my fingers. I periodically occasionally take it home for a more thorough cleaning, along with my dripper.

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I think most of the paper cups made for coffee (like those you get at starbucks or in other coffee joints) will handle being filled with water close to boiling point without leaking (at least not immediately). Of course you need to be careful to not burn yourself when you hold onto it...which is why the cafes supply those heat resistant sleeves.

FWIW, I've been using a paper coffee cup under my naked portafilter when I brew works fine to prevent occasional spritzers from messing up my machine.

If you are really worried about paper coffee cups leaking, you can find a regular glass, ceramic, or plastic mug the paper cup will fit into.