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I have been using both a V60 and a Chemex for pour over brewing for months now. I use the Chemex (6 cup) exclusively at work where I can share the coffee with other coffee lovers. I find I enjoy the taste of the Chemex more than that of the V60. I was wondering if there are any pour over devices that produce similar taste profiles as Chemex does? The reason I ask is that making coffee for one person in a 6 cup chemex never turns out very well, and I also hate the look of the 3 cup chemex. Thank you!

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I had the same issue. I just make a 500ml batch and put half in one of those vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles that I have preheated. Several hours later it's still piping hot. If you are a truly one cup and done drinker, then this won't help of course.
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Try a Chemex filter in a V60. It works, and if the excess on top bothers you, you could cut it off.


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The C70 ...maybe the Chemex FP-2 Filters for 3 Cup can be used in the dripper...

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Thank you guys, this is all great advice. I'll try these tips out!

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Cafec filters are the bomb;

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Would you be able to expand on what makes cafec filters "the bomb" :)

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Just my back-to-back PO compared to others. It just tastes better. I'll send you a couple of samples if you wish in an envelope. Might cost me half a buck. I'm out of light roast filters. :(

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I bought some the other day after seeing they also had the filters that Tim Wendelboe is promoting and I was hellbent on buying some of those anyway.

I got the three different roast level filters and 4 packs of the trapezoidal ones that I hope will fit well enough in my Technivorm at work.
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If you use a v60 filter paper thick enough, they would have similar taste to chemex.

There is Kinto cotton filters, cafec light roast filter and mola(never tried but I heard they are thicker than Hario).