Brewing method for coffee advent calendar

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

#1: Post by crwper »

I've just been gifted a coffee advent calendar, with 24 single doses of various coffees.

For the past 6 months, I've mostly been experimenting with espresso, which I think is the wrong choice when I have just a single dose of each coffee to work with.

Pour over seems like a great option, but I don't currently have the equipment and would like to avoid purchasing more stuff if I can.

Cupping also seems like an option, but fits the "morning coffee" vibe less well. I'd like to share these with my wife over breakfast.

Would French press be a good option?


#2: Post by DamianWarS »

if you're machine can handle the volume and you don't use pressurized baskets you could do a sprover (espresso pourover), just grind the dose coarser like for a pourover, and do a really long shot to fill a mug. pressure is not a problem (so long as you're not using a pressurized basket) because you have a coarser grind the shot will run fast and only get 1-2 bar pressure (which is what you want)