Brew ratios for brewed coffee?

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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What ratio do you use for brewed coffee?

On my setup with a V60 or a Moccamaster I seem to get best results around 55-56g/L i.e. 1:18 ratio and perhaps even lower with some beans. I like to keep TDS around 1.25-1.35%. However I see a lot of people in competitions using things like 80g/L combined with lower temperatures and plenty of speciality cafes use ratios like 70g/L, 75g/L for pour overs. The first place in world brewers cup used something like 78g/L with a complex recipe using 3 different temperatures. Commercially ground coffee (i.e. roller mill / industrial grinder) recipes usually recommend something like 45g/L.

80g/L compared to 55g/L is almost 50% more coffee to get the same amount of beverage! I'm curious what's your thoughts around this?

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1:16.33 for pour over


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I like to keep it simple and use 1:16 ratio for things. It seems like most roasters I buy from use those so its easier to start there
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I prefer a 1:15 ratio for brewed coffee.

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It's just a matter of taste. I like coffee that's around 2% or so. In a pour over that would require a brew ratio of about 90g/L (1:11).


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First try with new coffee is always 16:1. I keep grind size and brew time the same but adjust the ratio if I feel like it would do better with 14:1 or 17:1. Generally, if I'm not making espresso, I stick with the aeropress and find it almost impossible to screw up.


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Gosh, I'm all over the place. Depends on what I'm feeling. Sometimes I love a strong 1:8 or 1:10, it has increased body and sweetness and more intensity of flavor. The only downside is it doesn't last as long! So to get that larger cup (without overdosing on caffeine :shock:) I tend to do a 1:15, for easy math, as well as having a difficult time getting good results with a ratio any higher. I also find 1:15 is kind of my limit for how weak I can handle coffee... 1:16 or higher just gets too watered down for me and starts to taste more like a weak tea. Sometimes I get lower to a 1:12-1:14 when I have a hard time getting flavor out of a coffee. I do 1:6 for cold brew.


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IMO brew ratio is an absolutely horrible way of expressing strength. I liked brewing my coffee on the somewhat stronger side at ~1.4-1.6% unless I'm working with a super delicate floral coffee. To get that before I was brewing around 1:15-1:16, to get that now I'm brewing more like 1:18-1:20. A target tds is more useful.


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I was away for a bit and this thread has me thinking there has been refractometer advancements in the past couple years I missed....what are you all using to measure the % in brewed coffee?
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I'm using a VST II refractometer, for drip you also need to weigh the output beverage.