"The Brew" by Balmuda, interesting new very high end brewer

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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https://us.balmuda.com/collections/brew ... XyEALw_wcB

I just saw this pop up and it's a very interesting brewer. Obviously $700 is just a bit high for a pour over brewer, but it does some interesting things. Partway through the brew it does a "bypass pouring" where it effectively waters down the brew by pouring directly into the carafe. For the price I'm surprised it doesn't give you much control over the process, but what do you guys think? Seems interesting, but I don't know if I'd ever go for it at that price.

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Looks like junk. I want complete control over every phase if I'm paying that kind of price.


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I didn't think "junk." More like boondoggle. How does it take $700 worth of whatever to implement "iced", "strong", "regular" x "S", "M", and "L"? That seems like a "fool and his money are soon parted" level of hype.

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Hey, at least their brand of electric kettle is more reasonably priced. LOL
I am sure anyone on this forum can pour as good or better coffee with the kettle alone. A $550 saving!
I am a home-roaster, not a home-barista...


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I think you missed the point. Its designed so anyone in the house can make coffee and get a consistently great cup.
But that price though...

The X-Bloom looks more appealing to my eye

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It's very on brand for Balmuda I think, I mean they also have the $400 toaster. They're a company that makes products anyone can use to get exceptional results. I really want to try brewing in a v60 and doing a bypass pour to see if it has any benefits.

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XBloom, in my experience, delivers on more than a premium looking product. The in-cup results are very good, even if you're used to premium coffees, high-end grinders, and skilled pouring. While the pods are convenient and include top roasters such as La Cabra, your own coffee can also be used.


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There's also the psychological issue that if you spend top dollar for a device cognitive dissonance will push you to evaluate the device as exceptional (otherwise why would you have paid top dollar).

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I can second Jeff's comments re Xbloom. Mine can make all kinds of coffees very well and very easily.


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They asked 2017 World Barista Champion Mika Suzuki to give an honest impression of the taste from the coffee maker. She chose her words carefully:

Miki Suzuki wrote:The good thing about this coffee maker is that you can enjoy a certain level of taste no matter what kind of beans you use.