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We have an original bonaVITA, and I roast most of our beans. As we all know a pretty dark roast--into SC (second crack) will weigh much less than a lighter roast for the same amount of bean. Recommendations for our brewer is 60g of ground beans. That's too much for a dark roast--it almost overflows the filter. We use a Virtuoso+ grinder with grind set at 19 and 40 sec time (the max setting) which is not enough to grind my SC (or store bought dark roast) beans--we must add a scoop or 2 depending to get to 60g. Other beans, Like a Kenya which is lighter roast requires only 32 sec for 60g.

What's the answer?
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What's the question?


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Thanks for the reply,
The question is-- Is it preferred to use weight or volume?
What do others use with different roasts, in a multiple cup brewer?


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Use it for what? Both weight and volume can be important.

If the grounds don't fit in the brewer then you can't really ignore volume, can you? But in terms of a brewing recipe the weight is what you care about.

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Fill up the basket with what fits volumetrically and then adjust the recipe to use the amount of water based on weight of the coffee used.

I don't know about Bonavita, but Bunn had deeper "gourmet" baskets for their brewers to work with coffee that blooms so that you could brew a full batch even with fresh coffee.

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Always weight, never volume. Any baker will tell you that. A grind setting and bean roasts can drastically change how much X grams of coffee will take up in volume. You want consistency, go for weight. You want perpetual headaches on why recipes aren't coming out the same, use volume.


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Thanks for the replies. We will continue to use weight. Right now our store bought beans takes 34 sec to grind 60g. My previous roast took 40 sec of grinding plus a scoop of already ground beans to get to 60g. So at least--we were doing it correctly. Thanks again.


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I'm confused why you think think time of grinding is relevant to anything? Can you clarify?


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Since I roast in a Behmor, as you can see in my sig, I only roast 260g of beans at a time. Controlling the roast with higher amounts is almost impossible! We like to set the Virtuoso+ to grind just long enough to get 60g of ground beans. So we typically grind the first batch of a roast for 40sec, and if a lighter roast we remove enough to get to 60g. The rest go into a container with a lid. We adjust the grind to less time--hopefully pretty close to 60g. What ends up in the container is a mixture of excess ground beans. There are roasts when the timer is set to 40sec, (the max) we get less than 60g, then we must add ground beans from the container--which most of the times means it's not a SO. it would be a pita to set the timer to 22 sec and grind twice---not worth it to us. hope that clarifys.


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I guess what I'm not understanding is why you don't just weigh out 60 grams prior before you put it in your grinder and not grind by time?