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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Some possible ideas: a) our palates change as we age, much like our ability to hear certain frequencies; b) habits change, i.e. we just stop being technical or training our palates so maybe we can retrain ourselves to pick out the difference but then how does that impact if one tastes better than the other; c) certain, eh, diseases, may have left a long impression; d) it's all a lie and Dan and/or the people making the video are messing with us :mrgreen:

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another_jim wrote:I'm a little stunned... Just about everybody instantly got the distilled water, since it sucks so badly.
jedovaty wrote:Some possible ideas...
What prompted me to include this "no brainer" was a group taste test we did years ago between filtered tap water, spring water, and distilled water. My wife was the only one of four people who correctly identified all three. We were so convinced she was guessing between filter and spring water, we asked her to repeat it several times: Same answer.

I have never claimed anything beyond "average" tasting ability, whatever that means. But still, I expected this to be an easy test. I don't have an explanation beyond a) Dan & Martin are non-tasters, b) we didn't take the test seriously enough, or c) the test was flawed in some way. Maybe Martin should repeat the test with several other participants? I'll bring in my wife as the ringer. :lol:

In the meantime, I invite HB members to try the test. Let us know what treated water and coffee you used. I mentioned to Martin that his first round choice (Counter Culture Coffee Big Trouble) wouldn't be my pick, if only because it's so forgiving. The next round was Hologram, which is slightly better for discerning brew changes, but still wouldn't be my pick.
Dan Kehn

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You're brewing for pete's sake. No blends, but something distinctive.

IMO, the no carbonate fetish in designer waters is a very bad idea for taste (great for no scaling), since that is the alkalinity, i.e. the buffering, that softens excessively acidic and bitter brews.
Jim Schulman