Bialetti Moka: just one more good recipe.

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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My dual boiler is out for repair so I decided it was time to take my Moka pots out from retirement.
The last three days I have been playing mainly with the single and I think I have been drinking my best Italian "espresso", ever. That is thanks to an excellent coffee, a late discovery following a recommendation by a forum member, and few tricks with some of the hardware that I have acquired since I joined this forum.

Since this evening I had nothing better to do, I thought about passing it on to other Moka aficionados, in case they want to try it.

Coffee: Dragonfly Crema Dolce, 7g
Grinder: Niche Zero
Coffee pot: Bialetti 1 Cup
Tidaka single dose funnel
Tidaka single dose tamper

The Niche is set two notches up from my usual espresso setting:


The Tidaka funnel is a perfect fit for the filter of the Moka 1 Cup


Pour the coffee into the filter, and shake a little bit to make it even:


Insert the tamper, without pressing.


Check that everything is ok:


Five minutes later .....

Slow and steady, this is the part I usually drink when I make coffee with a Moka, and also in this case it is simply delicious:

This is to show how much water is left inside the bottom tank. Usually people drink this part as well, I don't other than for when I forget that I have the Moka on the stove, but in that case the coffee is just ok:
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