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Question for anyone else running this basket.
I just pulled my first two shots on it this am (both tasted very good despite it being a new style basket). It wanted slightly more pressure for pre infusion, seemed to like a slightly higher flow rate mid pull and the pour looked very nice.
What was very odd was nearing the end of the shot. I'm used to starting to see a pocket start to blonde and if I'm not quick on the trigger it will blond out and stop extracting from that small area (assuming it wasn't a bad pour with channeling of something like that)
This basket was completely different. I knew I was nearing the end of the shot and had the pressure around 6bar to finish, I started to see the overall color start to blonde, looked at my dog for a split second, looked back at the mirror and nearly the entire basket had stopped. I still had pressure and along maybe half the edge there was still some extraction but it was immediate across the whole puck.

It still tasted very respectable despite it obviously being over extracted but has anyone had experience like this especially with a precision basket? Is it simply because the straight sides, almost full coverage of holes across the entire width has lead to such an even extraction?

It was just a real surprise. Obviously tomorrow I need to keep a closer eye on the pull at the end and not the dog...

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I'm confused about a few of your descriptions. Maybe you can help us all understand what is happening better.

When you say ""basket had stopped", what does this mean? I'm used to relatively even flow out of the bottom of a basket, the flow lightening and thinning, but never stopping until the pump is stopped.

You thought it was "obviously being over extracted". Are you pulling a relatively dark roast?