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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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When changing to the metal burrs, do you have to change grind settings?



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endlesscycles wrote:I have a vario-w with the metal burrs. The burrs do produce a much more even grind, and my brews have been more balanced as a result. I haven't used a Preciso to compare; I love the grind by weight feature of the vario-w, it's a great time saver as a pro roaster who brews and cups many coffees throughout the day.
I have the same set up...I may be grinding too coarse, but the taste in the cup with my Bunn Trifecta is amazing! Best drip coffees have ever tasted, bar none!


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I just wanted to jump in here and say that I just got a pair of these burrs for my Vario. I use it pretty much exclusively for V60. At that level the vario wasn't too shabby to begin with but with the new burrs the grinds are disgustingly consistent, better than the Bunn I use at work.

Thumbs up for Baratza. Nothing they do sucks.


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I totally agree! Thanks baratza. What a great way to utilize my vario (which was collecting dust after the k10 arrived)