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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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LewBK wrote:My concern here is that the fine triple mesh filter will clog over time.
It wont be a problem if people get to wash the filter right after brew, before drinking the coffee. Scoop off the grounds, then wash with mild dish washing liquid and soft sponge, before the oils get cold. Also, flush the filter with hot water before every brew. Immediate washing maybe bothersome for a few people, so they may wanna skip the double/triple metal mesh filters.

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I wish someone would make the bottom part, that creates a shower fall of water, but big enough to go over the top of a V60 so instead of plastic we could have a drip-assist or Melodrip like product made of steel. I occasionally use a Stagg X for that, and it works very well for it, but is cumbersome having to hold it as steam rises onto my hand. It seems there would be more demand for a product like that than these reinventing-the-mouse-trap drippers.