Anyone having really good luck with the Aergrind?

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Been using my Aergrind for close to 2 years now. It's decent, but just frustrates me way too much as far as cup quality goes. I mostly do 2 cup (25-30g) v60 but also kalita, chemex, aeropress, clever. Results are just never as sweet and balanced or flavorful as what i can get in a good shop, and i expect fines are the biggest issue.

I've gotten to a weird point where I've found 2 separate grind ranges produce similar quality cups. I'm either around 2:3-2:5 with 3-3:30m drain times, or 1:7-1:10 and generally shooting for 4+minutes. Online I've seen people use anywhere in the 1's up to 3's for grind size, with a place like the Barn and i think Knock suggesting high 1s for v60.

At that range my grind size looks good but always chokes. I've gotten some really good results, mostly with sweeter less acidic coffee. Africans always turn out bad. For those i have to go way up in the mid 2 range and the grind is visibly coarse, i generally struggle with sweetness, but I can at least get a somewhat balanced cup.

Just curious if anyone else has had substantial experience with this grinder (or similar), and what you've figured out in getting the best cup possible?


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I don't have Aergrind, but perhaps you should look into burr alignment. Lido E for example has a video showing how to do so (not that I ever felt the need for it), perhaps Aergrind has some process for doing it as well.


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I have an Aergrind and a Feldgrind, and use the Feldgrind on a daily basis for my V60 with great success. I am a fan of the Knock grinders.

I was using the Aergrind with my Flair previously, but it mostly sits in the cupboard.

My Feldgrind is at 1.12 with slight adjustments depending on the coffee. I brew 30g of grounds to 500g water for a total brew time of around 3:30.
My recipe:
-hollow out the center of dry bed and pour 60g of water, stir from bottom for a 45 second bloom
-slowly pour to 300g and stir - usually around the 1:20 - 1:30 mark
-finish pour to 500g, twirl
-draw down typically finishes around the 3:30 mark as mentioned.

I wonder if there might be something else going on. Have you tried tweaking any other variables?
-Good filtered water - I have a water softener in my house, and I use a Brita for my pour over
-Proper water temperature - I use a Bonavita variable temp kettle set at 212 and have it on when the kettle is on the base (i.e. between pours)
-Filters - I use the non-tabbed Hario filters, but have also tried the CAFEC filters with similar (good) results.
-Coffee - fresh coffee.

BTW, I have each of the other brewers, but use my V60 90% of the time. I have never had any success with the Kalita. I like the Clever and use it occasionally but feel like the V60 is better in the cup.