Anyone brewing Sprovers?

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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I posted in tips but got negligible responses. Is anyone brewing sprovers with a medium roast like Nossa Full Cycle?

I have not been that successful so please share your sprover tips. I have been experimenting with Scott Rao's Filter 2.1 and Brian Quan's Sprover (both have youtubes) I have gotten good cups using filter 2.1 with almost every bean I tried. I have only tried Quan's Sprover with Nossa's Full Cycle with the following parameters:
18g in
1:12 Ratio
Water 4.5 ml/sec - 194 F
Pressure around 1 bar

Full Cycle via Filter 2.1 was smooth and tasty; Full cycle with Sprover was bitter. I will be experimenting with parameters this weekend but would appreciate your experiences on how you tamed the bitterness especially if you used a medium roast like full cycle

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Lower the flowrate, brew shorter, grind coarser

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I would be interested in seeing how people are doing this and their results. I have a decent as well and have not messed w/ this yet.

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I make Sprovers using a recipe similar to what Whole Latte Love recommends in their "coffee shots" video:
  • Aeropress filter at bottom (it's slightly too big for a 58mm basket but I just force it in with a tamper)
  • 14g dose, ground a bit coarser than for filter
  • No tamping
  • 140g yield
  • Adjust flow rate for 2 g/sec to get 140g in 70 sec
I drink mostly medium-light to medium-dark roasts. I find some beans taste better as a Sprover; others taste better than an Americano. It's fun to try both methods and compare them. I've never tried Nossa coffee.