Aeropress and Lido 2 grind setting

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Anyone using the Lido 2 with an aeropress? Looking for grind settings.


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Apologies in advance, but I'm going to be completely unhelpful and say that while my Lido 2 is my favorite hand grinder (by a wide margin), I didn't like it for Aeropress use at all, particularly when trying out different recipes that required lots of adjusting. The Lido's one failing is that it's a pain to adjust and keep track of the settings. I can never remember where it's set, so I'd have to count the revolutions and marks back to zero, just to figure out where it was at the moment. So, I tended to use it for a daily brew that didn't require much in the way of grind adjustments.

I bought my Feld2 grinder by Knock because of this. Wildly easier to experiment with grind settings when trying out new recipes. While it's an excellent grinder, it's slower to grind and less ergonomic.