Adjustments made for specific coffees?

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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So, I've been trying to master pour-over, and I discovered the following:

1) I disliked pour-over for one coffee - the flavors were off-putting, and I preferred Aeropress for it.
2) In a different coffee, I discovered that my standard grind settings and ratio didn't work well. Normally grind at 3.0 on the Ode, and use 18g of coffee for 400g water. It was merely mediocre at those setting and a grind of 2.2 and 20g of coffee tasted MUCH better.

Just wondering how common variations like that are? For years, I made an immersion brew with the same variables, except for the coffee beans themselves. Assuming the same brew method, what variables do you adjust and what is the range of adjustment?


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You're using a high ratio of water to beans. When I get a new coffee, I brew a 20g cup, with 320 grams water. That's 16:1, a pretty good baseline.

With that ratio, I dial in my grind size to get a draw-down time of about 3:00 minutes, +/- 15 seconds.

At that point, if the coffee tastes weak, I might increase the dose to 21 grams. Or if it's bitter (over extracted) I'll slightly coarsen the grinds, get the water flowing faster through the bed. Maybe it's a bit too sharp, lacking sweetness, and so you'll need to extract more, grind finer.

Water temp I rarely play with. Pretty much off the boil, in the rare case I use a darker roast, 1 minute off boil.

Short answer, every coffee requires a different approach. A good grinder is more important. None of my variables ever change much, but all together have a big impact.

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#3: Post by mkane »

We use 18.3g coffee, 300g water.3:15 drawdown.