Adjusting Flow Rate on Moccamaster KBGT (not KBT)

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Wasn't sure whether I'd get the best response here or in the Mods forum.

I picked up a Moccamaster during my travels, and it happens to be the KBGT model that doesn't have the adjustable filter basket like the KBT apparently does.

Is there a convenient technique, modification, or just an aftermarket filter basket or spray bar, that would slow my drip rate a bit when only doing, say, 4 cups? Ultimately, I realize I can dial-in with my dose and grind, but having an option to slow down the flow rate a bit would be nice.



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When I would make smaller batch sizes, I would remove the carafe so it would steep a little longer before draining. Sometimes I would turn the machine off to add a little pause in the middle of brewing. Make sure to lift up the basket some before reinserting the carafe or you will get a RUSH of coffee everywhere.

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I watched some videos last night on this machine that recommended a coarser grind than I would have imagined. I tried that this morning adjusting the Niche Zero way over to "40" for around 500mL, whereas for 500mL of V60 I would normally have my NZ on around 28-30. Still, the flow through was relatively slow, so I realized, maybe I don't really need to slow the rate down.

I guess what bugs me initially about this machine is that I cannot control the distribution of water. And even though I understand it is a quasi-immersion machine, the flow is biased toward the left side of the filter basket. Even when I stir it as some videos suggest, by the end of the brew, the drip has drilled a slight cavity toward the left side of the coffee bed.

That is why I initially considered putting this in the mod forum. I'm really wondering if there is a modification or aftermarket change I can make to the shower head or basket.


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The flow rate is not determined by the sprayhead, but by the power of the heater and the starting temperature of the brew water.

You could effectively lengthen the brew time by:

(a) reducing the power of the heater (this could be done by pulsing the element - lowering the duty cycle - or by reducing the voltage).
(b) reducing the temperature of your brew water (chilled water?)