Acaia Pearl S Scale Above 1000g Help

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A bit of an odd question. I'm trying to measure a large batch of coffee with an Acaia Pearl S scale. This is the previous version of the scale (serial 002....), not the update just released. Whenever the scale reaches 1000g, it says "maximum." The scale has a maximum of 3000g per Acaia. I'm fairly certain I've measured over 1000g with it before.

Is there a setting or something I'm missing? I tried to reset to default - same result.

Any ideas why I can only get to 1000g with a 3000g maximum scale?


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My Kickstarter version only goes up to 2000 g. Not sure why yours would max out at 1,000.

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That's the total weight maxing out or the tared weight? What I mean is, is it possible the container you are using for the beans is heavy? Sorry if that's a dumb question.

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Something happens at 1000 grams in software, it changes from .1 to .5 gm resolution or it did in the first firmware. Have you updated the firmware ever, is it possible that was an early bug?

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Acaia manuals are here: ... 303-Guides

I don't have the Pearl, but took a quick look in the manual and it stated that in Dual mode the when it goes above 1000g it will go back to 0 and something will flash. There is also a section that states something about 2 weighing modes where one goes to 1000g and the other to 2000g.

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I looked at that manual earlier. Briefly. ... 002_EN.pdf

Looking at it again I don't see what you're talking about. Am I blind? Am I looking at the wrong document?

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I emailed Acaia today to get the solution. Odd how things are so buried in settings (in multiple locations) on these scales.

Here's the official answer. I can confirm it works.

You can change the weight capacity by connecting your scale to the Brewmaster app. Once connected, you can change the settings under "Select Max Weight" and select "3000 grams".
Here is a video demonstrating this for a Pearl scale (which has a lower max capacity than a Pearl S):