#4 coffee filters folded for Kalita Wave

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Kalita Wave filters are more expensive than standard filters, and need to be imported. I've gone through hundreds. They are a pain for many reasons including cost and storage (they do not store flat). So I wasn't using my Wave brewer much.

in contrast, #4 coffee filters are cheap and widely available and versatile. I use "no name" store brand in Canada. They seem full-sized, strong and produce results I like.

I can easily fold #4 filters into Wave style filters in a few seconds while the coffee grinds. The filters can also be folded for a V60 with a single fold (https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/th ... 83&slide=0), or of course be used for any wedge brewer by folding the textured edges as usual.

Compared to my V60 and wedge brewers, which I leaned on for a few years, I'm getting the sweet richness I associate with the Wave brewer even while coarsening my grind. So I'm back to preferring my Wave and at a fraction of the cost and trouble.

Start with a #4 wedge brewer style filter

Fold accordian style

Fold textured edges for strength

Flatten bottom inside a bit

Enjoy the brewer

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I use the same filters to cut six 56mm discs for the bottom of my filter basket. A Mason jar ring serves as a template.