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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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i have tried doing searches here for a recipe or grind guide using the 1zpresso kplus for espresso or pourover but results i have found are old and not open for replies anymore...and does not have useful info as well.
i am happy to be redirected to a proper thread or if the people in-the-know can share your grind settings and experience with the kplus for both espresso and pourover grinding.
much appreciated.

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For April two-pour 13:200 g, April or faster paper, and light or ultra-light coffees I grind on 7 or a couple clicks finer. I recall Rolf mentioning grind size when he discussed the K-series with the April dripper, though I don't recall if he mentioned larger brews.

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thanks for the response. will give that a try.


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There's quite a wide range that works well for pour over with the K series in my experience. I use 4.5-8 depending on the beans and if I want stronger or clearer flavor.

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thanks for the response. new to manual grinding and will definitely try out the range you mentioned.

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I was experimenting a bit with the Orea 12:200, 50x4 which is nice but when i scaled it up i didn't enjoy as up. I do 21:340 for work and I have liked the Rao v60, 75g 45s bloom, then pour to 200g circular, around 1:30 pour the rest either centre pour or circlar to your desired weight. I would be around 5-6 for most settings but the filter i have right now is messing me up and I have to go to 7+ which I am not liking as consistently.
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I'm having a good time at around 3.7 for espresso, and 6-7 for aeropress.

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just tried my first pour at 7.5 and was surprised that it was bland. went down 3 clicks and was able to taste flavors on my medium roast which is a bit different from what i get from my niche, which is good.
still getting the hang of it and my light roast just entered the "can brew" days so will defo play around.

oh and i realized i disnt check for calibration and found out my kplus was off from the start so calibrated it now.

good that its about weekend so will defo go through the clicks and explore the taste..better buy some filters haha!


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K-Max for AeroPress (Tim Wendelboe recipe) I'm at 5 +/- 0.2, usually.


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Seems like it could vary wildly depending on the dose, roast, machine, and more. I am doing espresso on a breville machine 16g dose at one click coarser than 2. For pour over I don't do it as often but got a decent result at 5.5 last time