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I, for one, am very interested in the outcome of your Denver trip and the comparison with your two current machines.
Abe Carmeli wrote:I am going to be in Denver on Friday to work with the Versalab M3 espresso machine. It has been said that it produces high definition shots when it comes to clarity. It is my feeling that the comparison between the Cyncra and my home machine will boil down to clarity. I will use my experience with the Versalab to establish the high mark for clarity to which I will compare the other two machines
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It appears a head to head comparison between the Synesso and my home machine is just not in the cards. It is a shame, I was looking forward to it. I modified and replaced two check valves on the Cyncra to fix the brew pressure fluttering problem, but that did not help. The machine is going back to Synesso, where I'm sure it will be fixed.
Abe Carmeli

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Has there been any progress on sending you a machine to complete your review or have they decided they don't want the machine positioned in the domestic market?


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The Cyncra is still at Synesso. They are not sure what causes the fluttering pressure and testing a new and smaller pump on it now. So, bottom line, we are still waiting. As to the domestic market, I don't think that they intend to sell it only to commercial establishments. Most of the single group sales to date went to individuals, home users.
Abe Carmeli


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Note that this problem is only occurring on the 1 group cyncra's and only 3 of those have exhibited this behavior. So far, the new pump is working flawlessly. I was able to temporarily fix the problem with the original pump by uninstalling/re-installing the pump pressure screw and spring (a 1 minute operation). The problem would go away for approximately a week then return. Perhaps the jet restricts flow enough to cause back pressure to build over time and affect the OPV on the pump. I guess it's also possible that Fluid O tech changed something on their pumps that caused the problem.



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Hi All

I am sitting at Seattle airport waiting on a redeye back to detroit after spending last Friday with Mark, Sandy and Caleb at Synesso....they were wonderful and patient hosts with a midwest chatterbox that wanted to dig into everything in sight.

I took a ton of photos and will be posting a trip report in my free time :-) but suffice to say I was blown away with the attention to detail, quality and customer service I saw. Mark really understands the concept of "Must run...ALWAYS" and the way the machines are built reflects that.

In a nutshell...
Gorgeous welds....even the ones you will never see!
Bomb-proof boilers
Standard fittings...Yeah!!
An emphasis on ease of maintainability.
Boiler drains that really drain the boiler.
De-scaling ports that are well thought out.
Continuous improvements to the product.


This trip has been a long time in planning and in the end, I was only able to give 2 days notice to Synesso before showing up on their doorstep.

Thanks again to Mark and Sandy for their hospitality.


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FWIW Synesso is now offering a hot water tap on the Cyncra 1 group. It features the same temperature adjustment valve as the larger machines. I think mine's the first; I'll post photos when I install it.
Ben King.

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Any update?



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There's another thread about the new water tap where cinergi posted a photo. Synesso set him up with a kit he installed- mine came with the water tap from the factory.

Here's my setup. The hot water tap works as advertised. I set the temperature for my wife's tea (small price to pay for all that countertop real estate.) The drip tray grill shown here isn't the standard one. Also the portafilter isn't from Synesso.
Ben King.

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Are those saucers sitting under the machine, or are you using them as legs? :?
Dave Stephens