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#1: Post by another_jim »

Here is the thread for your comments on the SSP 64mm Burrs Review.
Jim Schulman


#2: Post by iyayy »

if i can comment,
ssp cast cup profile taste very similar to my 1zk hand grinder.

what i can say about both ssp cast and mp is that as you push higher temp and overextraction, it does not develop that rough on the tongue and throat astringency, rather it just turns to a bitter wall of aftertaste and dry finish, but not really going much into unpleasant roughness, i dont know about hu.

my 1zk, arco, timemore c2, hario and also stock df64 italmill has this similar awful overextraction taste and feel, i was suprised both ssp do not show hint of this aggressive astringents, especially on the cast.

while i dont have niche, but relating this to my other conicals, i feel its probably the reason why you'd attribute the cast as smooth vs niche zero, since it lacks the small bite of astrigency that will still seep in the cup due to small overexrracted microfines. those instead tastes of roastiness. it also makes sweetness and other flavor taste clearer.

i feel this alone makes ssp worth the price regardless brew/shot methods.

good to know on comparisons with some other size and grinders.

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#3: Post by drgary »

Someone wrote on the forums that the HG-1 is great for pourover or immersion brews. My Bunn LPG with Ditting 804 burrs is being serviced after it stalled with dense, light-roasted beans. I can't say that that grinder is well-aligned, so I'm probably not getting maximum performance from those burrs. Anyway, I tried my HG-1 with 68 mm Robur burrs. I was surprised at how good it is for pourover and immersion brews. This seems to validate Jim's observation that for brewed coffees, Robur burrs can be very good. Since I haven't tried the CSv2 burr, I can't say from my own experience that it wouldn't offer an improvement, but I trust Jim's assessment.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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#4: Post by bostonbuzz »

I have to agree with Jim's assessment of the MP burr as being a bass cut.

I had it on my super jolly for a few years when I sort of stopped making espresso. Every time I dialed in it was a major challenge to get a non channeling shot. I had to grind extremely fine and pull shots for a long time to beat the sourness. Even then I would have an extremely bright espresso that typically was sour and or bitter, but some good flavors came through as well. I would not recommend it.

It's almost time for me to revisit it since that grinder has been sitting dormant for a while.
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#5: Post by StoicDude »

Have the cast in my Super Jolly. Modded with Daniel Wong s single dose mod.

I have been using this close to 8 months now.

The initial shots and diap in was tough. Sprays everywhere, hard replication and consistency etc. I will blame this on seasoning the burrs.

About month 6 and probably close to 5 pounds of coffee through it, it started getting better. At month 8 and more coffee through it, I think it finally stabilized and I'm getting very good consistency.

As for taste, this will be interesting. I am not sure if I should start a new topic or just update this.

I have a Specialita, SJ with SSP cast and Mazzer Omega hand grinder.

I just did a side by side between the Specialita and SSP cast.

Cast was better for sure, but not by miles, just a more balanced, well rounded shot compared to the specialita.

Coffee was Caffee Vita, Del Sol. 92C
Specialita: 15 in, 34 out in 27 sec.
SSP: 15in, 32 out in 26.

I was aiming for 1:2, but I think the numbers are as close as possible.

My notes for this:

Specialita: slightly acidic/ sour up front. Hint of caramel om the finish. Chocolate overall.

Ssp: chocolate finish. Better shot. More "round/balanced".

Same mouthful/ body on both.

I'm a complete newbie to this and there might be better ways of tasting and reporting this, but this was my take.

Here is a picture of the shots, side by side. Left, Specialita, right SSP.

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#6: Post by mrgnomer »

I switched from stock Ceado e37j 64mm burrs to HU SSP burrs to test out uniformity extraction.

First thing, maybe indirectly related to performance, is the SSP burrs were thinner than the Ceado stocks. I had to put about .5mm of handmade gaskets in to get the burrs to touch and zero out. Did my best to align them after that.

I like the 64mm SSP HU burrs. I don't like when my home roasts gum the burrs up which seems more often than with the stock burrs. The HU burr extractions are better, though, when they grind all the way. More even/mellow with all roasts from dark classic to light 3rd wave/home roasts. Maybe more acerbic fruity notes with light roasts but less sour or burnt. The extraction quality might have to do with improving puck prep and machine parameter control, hard to say. So many variables.

Overall I think the HU burrs are an extraction quality improvement for espresso with roasts that don't gum the burrs up.
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#7: Post by TimEggers »

Hello Mr. Schulman, thank you for a concise and insightful review of these burrs. I am very intrigued by them and am heavily considering the CSv2 burrs for my Super Jolly. I am curious, did you do any burr alignment when trying the CSv2 and if/when I install them in my SJ is there any value in doing burr alignment (note I am 100% immersion brewing these days). Thoughts?
Tim Eggers

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another_jim (original poster)
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#8: Post by another_jim (original poster) »

On the Super Jolly, none of the burrs needed alignment, they all touched over an 80% area from the get go. They were good enough to produce talcum powder Turkish grinds for all the burrs I tested. (Improperly aligned burrs cannot produce uniform talcum powder grinds, since the grinds seek the easiest path ut of the burrs, so escape from where they are fartherst apart.)

As an addendum, the new Mazzer burrs are as good as the HU burrs -- I was testing an unused older pair. SSP's success has everyone upping their burr quality.
Jim Schulman