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Here is the thread for your comments on the SSP 64mm Burrs Review.
Jim Schulman


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if i can comment,
ssp cast cup profile taste very similar to my 1zk hand grinder.

what i can say about both ssp cast and mp is that as you push higher temp and overextraction, it does not develop that rough on the tongue and throat astringency, rather it just turns to a bitter wall of aftertaste and dry finish, but not really going much into unpleasant roughness, i dont know about hu.

my 1zk, arco, timemore c2, hario and also stock df64 italmill has this similar awful overextraction taste and feel, i was suprised both ssp do not show hint of this aggressive astringents, especially on the cast.

while i dont have niche, but relating this to my other conicals, i feel its probably the reason why you'd attribute the cast as smooth vs niche zero, since it lacks the small bite of astrigency that will still seep in the cup due to small overexrracted microfines. those instead tastes of roastiness. it also makes sweetness and other flavor taste clearer.

i feel this alone makes ssp worth the price regardless brew/shot methods.

good to know on comparisons with some other size and grinders.