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This is a year after the fact, but didn't you burn your fingers seeing how you make contact with the grouphead? Having burned myself two or three times since I bought my machine a few months ago, I wonder ;)

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Hah! I think that was a picture of my first-ever lever pull. I did burn my fingers, more than once. :oops: But there had to be a small gap between my hand and the grouphead in that particular pic, otherwise it would never have been taken.

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#273: Post by TimEggers »

Like a few others I'd like to offer my appreciation to "the lever panel" on the valuable insights. I've been leaning on the idea of getting a modern lever machine to compliment my Cappuccino Amore vintage lever. The Lusso has features that I find appealing at an attractive price point.

It's the work you guys put in plus the lively discussion that has served me well in narrowing down the field, thanks for taking the time and Dan I look forward to the Lusso Buyer's Guide, any updates on when it may be available (no rush)?
Tim Eggers
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Tim and others, sorry about the delays. It's been that kind of year. For reasons I'm sure everyone can appreciate, it's only gotten more hectic as the year ground on. That said, I hope to complete the Buyer's Guide to the Ponte Vecchio Lusso during the holiday break. The thread Ponte Vecchio Lusso brew temperature tests is the beginning of my wrapup.
Dan Kehn

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My time with the Ponte Vecchio Lusso is winding down and the Buyer's Guide is on track for publication in January. I've been using it full time for the last month and have enjoyed learning the Lusso's strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. Knowing that some potential buyers might be put off by its small-volume espressos, I've documented my routine for building a large(r) cappuccino booming with chocolaty coffee flavor in Cappuccinos with punch from the Ponte Vecchio Lusso.
Dan Kehn

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Whew, the final chapter of the Smackdown, the Buyer's Guide to the Ponte Vecchio Lusso! It's been a fun ride, many thanks to the contributions of Smackdown reviewers Greg Scace, Dave Stephens, and John Weiss, as well as the numerous comments, corrections, and thought-provoking discussion from the forums' participants. The article feedback thread is here.
Dan Kehn wrote:Lever espresso machines as a class are frequently labeled as finicky beasts that demand months of focused attention to master. The Ponte Vecchio Lusso, in sharp contrast, is exceptionally forgiving, making it an ideal candidate for an "espresso newbie" shortlist. Ponte Vecchio Lusso has remarkable temperature predictability and represents an espresso machine that grows with the skills of the barista.
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my heads spinning so much information, really enjoyed the read

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#278: Post by Boldjava »

What a thread! I have a timeline of 2+ years before I pull the trigger on a lever. There is enough meat here to keep me busy, 'virtually' learning along with the reviewers. Your past efforts live on, thanks.

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