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Here I enclose some macro shots of Strada (VST) basket 14 g, that are sold in Europe. ... vary-14-g/ Maybe someone will find the pics useful.

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shadowfax wrote:The 20g version is also new, and I like it. It's just ever so slightly taller than the 18g version, and works nicely for 19g doses that are usually 'pushing it' in the 18g basket. It seems to work about the same on my GS3 (which is pretty tolerant of minimum screen clearance) for the doses I use, but the grouphead stays cleaner. It's unnecessary, but useful.
I like the 20g basket, too. I'm using it for most of my updosed coffees, which mostly have roaster-recommended doses of 19g-19.5g. As Nicholas says, that works better in the 20g than the 18g. Previously, I found that there was a range of doses that didn't quite work in either my VST 18g or Strada 22g.

Although there's some overlap, here's how I generally select my VST baskets:
Dose       Basket
6g-8g        7g
14g-16g     14g
17g-18.5g   18g
19g-20.5g   20g
21g-23g     22g
(Apologies -- I don't know how to do pretty lists and tables in these posts.
Editorial remark: type the table in notepad using courier typeface, cut and paste here, use the {code} markup to get it into the window)

I don't think I've done a 21g dose since I got these baskets, so I'm not really sure if the 20g or 22g would be better for that.