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While we're at it Andrew, how about an update on the bottomless portafilter? :)


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There will be a private invite going out next week to any and all that have inquired about it by email, a pre-release of sorts to 100 individuals. If you were one, you should receive the offer. If not, better go send us an inquiry stat--the current list is approaching the quantity available. It will then be made available to the rest of the public end of May.


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Thanks for the thorough review! I had not heard of this product, but the idea of office espresso is tempting. So a question for Dominick - how long were you preheating the cylinder in the hot-not-boiling water? We have a "no heating element" rule so I'd need to boil water in the microwave, use it to heat the cylinder, then heat more water to actually brew with.

(side note - good advice on being careful for super boiling. I'm used to it since I boil my water a few times a day for Aeropress at work but not everyone is)

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Gig103 wrote:Dominick - how long were you preheating the cylinder in the hot-not-boiling water?
It was the first thing I would do, so at least 2 minutes, maybe closer to 3. It works well enough to make a decent shot, but even then as I mentioned in the review it provides a temp best for dark roasts or Italian blends.
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Great review Gary! I had the chance to check one out when visiting Randy last year. Love the simplicity of the thing.


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Thanks for the great reviews and the passion that drives it!

I used to have a Silvia and a Mazzer Mini, which I sold about 8 years ago, and didn't really have espresso at home since then.

When walking around Baltimore the other day, I went into a "roast your own coffee" place and the owner poured me an espresso from a La Pavoni lever machine. It was a sign!!!

I went home and started researching lever machines. I came across the Flair, and ordered one. I'm so glad I did. It makes great shots.

For anyone thinking about getting one...do it. My process involves heating everything on the stove while I prepare everything else. The setup and cleanup is really not much more involved than it is for an AeroPress.

Now...I need a better grinder...

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A discussion began about how to preheat the cylinder, wet or dry. It deserved its own thread so it can be easily found and continues here:

Preheating the Flair Espresso Maker, wet or dry?

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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We have a Lido 2 and sig Flair bundle for our camper (propane stove). With limited space the Flair provides almost reasonable espresso. Doesn't quite taste like what comes out of our regular lever machine no matter what temperature preheat we try and granularity / pressure we try. But maybe we just need more practice. Is more flavorful than the Handpresso solution though.